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I was an early subscriber to Republic Wireless. The plan that I selected was the $40 per month for unlimited LTE and WIFI. That plan does not seem to be offered now. I would like to add my son to my Republic account (my wife is also on the account). At home he uses WIFI, but he also uses a lot of LTE service. Can he be added with the same plan that I am on – unlimited LTE and WIFI for $40 a month?


These are the plans currently available. They work with the phones currently being sold by RW. They also work with a few other models RW doesn’t sell.



Hi @barbarar.l0l6iy
How much data is your son used to using, how many gigabytes of data is used monthly? The unlimited is very vague in description.


the old unlimited plans have not been an option for new lines since July 2015,
once more on the line they are active with they can only be used with the old Legacy Phones (with Republic Custom ROM (the Moto X1, Moto X2, Moto E1, Moto E2, Moto G1, and Moto G3) )


Hi @barbarar.l0l6iy,

The plan you are on is “grandfathered” which means we are not subscribing new lines to this plan any more. You’ll want to note that the $40 plan did have a cap of 5 GB (with a once-per-six-months grace of 10 GB) before being throttled to a slower speed data. If your son regularly consumes more than 5 GB of data, the $40 plan would not be a good fit for him.

Our current plans are priced at $15 for talk & text, plus $5 per GB for data. That means a My Choice plan with 5 GB of data would also cost $40.

If one or both of you don’t actually use 5 (or more) GB of cellular data every month, you would very likely save money by moving to the My Choice plan, sizing your plan to what you most typically use, and then adding more data only when it is needed.

If your son needs the once-every-six-months grace of 10 GB, or if he really needs that slower data once he goes over 5 GB, then you might consider upgrading your own line to a new My Choice line, and letting him take over your grandfathered plan.

Please let me know if you need help determining how much cellular data you typically use in a month.


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