Unlimited plan with a Moto x 3(?) Why are there somany apps?

I guess the operating system requires so many apps, I don’t have any room for the apps that I want to use like Facebook IG, coupon sites, nothing. What can I do to get more space on the phone? A lot of the apps won’t let me move to the Sims card

None of the apps you mention are part of the base phone install. You should be able to remove them. In the apps list, place your finger on the app icon, until it “pops-up” and then drag it to “Uninstall” at the top of the screen.

Hi @tammab

I would be important to know which phone you have. Open the Republic Wireless app and tap the Cog or Gear icon(top-right), select About and tell us which phone you have.


It’s a Moto x 3rd generation. Are there any other phones for the unlimited plan? Both of the Motorola phones have sucked. I have to be on the sprint carrier, the new carrier won’t work where I live

My guess is you have the Moto G 3rd as the Moto X 3rd (aka the Moto X Pure) does not work on unlimited plans (Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans )

only legacy phones work on those plans or the Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund

Legacy phones are the Republic Custom ROM-ed

for the Moto G 3rd (Moto E 2nd and Moto E 1st ) this blog may help a little Moto E: Make the most of your phone’s available storage

ugh it keeps freezing up on me. I really like Republic but I may have to find another company. The other phone carrier doesn’t work here in WV. Sad face. I have been a customer since the Defy.

you can still keep the current carrier if a phone is ordered from Republic

Republic Wireless Coverage Update and CDMA Availability

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