"Unlimited talk" ? Is there any such overuse of that?


Just wondering if there is a “excessive usage” limit or something along those lines for R.W.'s Unlimited talk and text on the 2.0 legacy plan… either on wifi or cell, if it makes any difference.

My mother is on the 2.0 plan with Moto G 1st gen…due to a family issue…thing…she has been on the phone for several hours a day. I calculate at her current usage…about 10,000 to 12,000 minutes in one bill cycle.


Unlimited means unlimited, so there’s no explicit number of minutes that would be deemed more than unlimited. That said, like all providers of voice service, Republic does have an AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). It all boils down to what your mother is doing with all those minutes. If it’s merely a spike related to the need to talk to other family members, I don’t see an issue. If one’s calling into an all-day party line, chat or conference service (and I’m not accusing your mother of doing so), things would be different. Read the AUP for yourself here: Acceptable Use Policy | Republic Wireless.



“Unlimited means unlimited…”

Followed by a contradictory statement of something along the lines of:
“BUT…there are Terms and Conditions or an AUP that may or may not impose some undefined limits of some sort.”

That’s kinda what I had expected hear.

I had a look at R.W.'s AUP. Seems number 14-19 gives me the info i need. Most specifically:
17. repetitive and/or continuous messaging or calling to the same destination or number if such activity could reasonably be expected to or in fact does provoke complaints;

18. long duration calls (defined as calls to the same number in excess of four continuous or cumulative hours within a 24 hour period) and/or calls placed to specific numbers / destinations for the purpose of generating charges or fees for or with a third party;

So, according to these points, unlimited is indeed limited as it sates for "long duration calls - not in excess of 4 continuous or cumulative hours within a 24hr period.

However, then i re-read it and see the line that i bolded. So that stipulation only applies if the user intended to generate fees for the other party (say to make the other party go over and get a surcharge fee).

So now my questions how does R.W. determine this key factor of a long call vs just seeing that a user is just on normal call for 6+ hours?

I do know a person who uses some old cell phones as a 2 way intercom/room monitor. They have a script on the phone that will call back if the call is disconnected and the other will auto answer and go in to speaker phone mode. They been doing that 24/7 for over 2 yrs. But he is not in USA.


I did figure out how to export her call history via the R.W. website. And i see approx 2,000 texts to one number in the last 2 days alone. (her sister)

I wish R.W had a “total minutes used” to show me.

I don’t know how to use Excel that well enough to have it add up the “Duration” fields for the calls.


You may see it as contradictory, I do not. So long as one otherwise stays within the boundaries of the AUP, both talk and text messaging are indeed unlimited. Every service provider has an AUP and/or TOS to protect themselves from abusive customers. Again, I’m not saying your mother meets the definition of an abusive customer.

I will say, if every customer was using 10,000 - 12,000 minutes per month and exchanging 2000 text messages in a single day, Republic’s current pricing model would be unsustainable.


How do u not see it a contradictory??

“stays within the boundaries of…”

A boundary is a limit.

I do not understand your logic or reasoning.

But I do understand that all companies have to have something like this for legal purposes.


On what scale?. There is always a certain expectation of reason. :no_mouth:


I hope she has these calls on speakerphone and not holding it up to her head all that time. Yikes!


Can’t your mother use any WiFi for her calls?


She may very well be doing so. Republic’s AUP and TOS would apply to WiFi as well as cellular calls. WiFi calls may cost Republic less than cellular calls but they are not free.


So, that’s close to 1 text per minute, 24 hours per day. On top of the 6 hours of calls.
Yup, I’d list that as heavy use.


yes. she has whole conversations via text message.


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