Unlimited text not working

What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
I have a MotoG5 Plus
I am on a 1 G data plan. I used up my 1 G data before my month was up. I think I was able to send an SMS message but I am not sure if it worked. Usually, my daughter sends me a response after I send her a message when I arrive home safely after visiting her, but I did not get any message from her. My question is, isn’t text input and output supposed to work with my plan unlimited talk and text plan even when my data has been used up? I don’t think it is working properly.

Also, the MY DATA screen shows that I have 448 MB left, but it is wrong because I am out of data! The MY DATA screen is confusing me because it shows the wrong information. Why is this and can it be fixed?

You have unlimited messaging whether or not you buy data. What makes you think you are out of data? Any chance you were in a roaming area?

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I cannot go online with my phone. Right now I am at the library. My phone showed that I had used up all my data.

is it showing you that in the Republic app? Are you connected to the library WiFi? Is there a triangle over your cell bar display>

This might solve your problem:

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