Unlimited text plan, yet text won't send


My daughter ran out of data, recently, and couldn’t send plain text messages via the messenger app. She is on the $20 plan that includes unlimited texting. Everything worked fine, until she ran out of data. Why is that? I watched her open the messenger app and try to send a simple 3 word text to a friend and it wouldn’t send. Please help.

If it helps, she has a Nexus 5X running Nougat.


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I should have mentioned that the app would work on wi-fi only.

You ask a good question. I would just go through the information at Troubleshooting Texting Issues . If everything looks OK, I would open a Republic Help request.

I guess my first question to you would be, did you turn off cellular data (under Settings > Data usage) after you ran out of data? If so, turn it back on. The phone needs access to cellular data even if your data plan is exhausted (Check Network Settings ).

Now that you mention it, I think she did turn off cellular data after she ran out of data. I’ll check her phone tonight and I’ll confirm.


Cell data and Roaming data need to be left on in the Android setting

Cell data can be turn off in the Republic app (there no user Roaming data in 3.0)

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