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What phone do you have? Moto E5 Play

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes Data

Issue Description

Dear everyone

My phone display is blacked out. I can receive and make calls using Bluetooth. I was advised by the friendly Tech-Support and Experts that I would need to factory reboot the phone and display may work after the reboot.

some of my data is backed up in Google clouds, but some data is on the phone. I’m trying to copy the data to my computer using a USB wire. However, I don’t see anything as the phone is locked.

I learn that the only way to unlock an unresponsive screen will be with the use of third-party apps on your computer.

Could anyone suggest some reliable apps/methods to recover the data from my phone?
Thank you so much!



If you’re unable to see the screen, it likely won’t be possible to access data on the phone because for security reasons that phone will require that you confirm the data connection. I assume you’ve tried the simple step of just holding down the power button until the phone force reboots?

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You can try the steps to unlock and to allow usb connection by touching the screen in places where those buttons and options are. This method assumes that your lcd is broken but digitizer is still active. So test it out. Go through the steps to unlock your screen and tap the screen in those places (look up online for your phone’s model to find out screenshots to find the uncloking options like pattern or pin comes up on the screen to see the location of those on the screen. Also look up the screenshots for allowing usb connection. You’ll be able to access your data that way. Its not an easy process.

You might have to look up screenshots of other options and stuff to see where they pop up on the screen. You might wanna change the screen time out and locking options so that working on it is easier. Its a lot of work. There is an app called vysor. Its difficult to set it up. But it mirrors your screen to the pc.

Also factory resetting might not work out at all. So your best option is to replace the screen.



I should add that if the phone screen doesn’t even come on for the boot menu, a factory reset is a useless thing to attempt. As you’re only impacting what happens after the initial startup screen and nothing at all to do with the boot menu. Does the screen not come on at all?



Dear Louisdi and Briha
Thank you so much for prompt responses. Yes, the screen does not come on at all. The phone is only a month old, hope it is covered under warranty. I’ll try Vysor or guessing unlock. The screen is responsive. I just don’t see whats on display.
Thank you again
Best regards



Sounds like a factory reset isn’t going to have an impact, and unless you have physical damage from a drop or water or something similar, it would be under warranty. You should open a ticket with staff in order to get the warranty process jump started.



Thank you so much Louisdi for the advice.


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