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I want to install the latest Android software as I have Android 5.1 installed and updates are no longer available. So I tried to unlock my Moto G 1st Gen phone using the Android SDK fastboot program, but was unable to unlock it. Do I have to upgrade my phone or can Republic Wireless give me the code to unlock it?

The phone works fine and is adequate for my needs.




Hi @doakh,

I’m sorry to say there is no known way to update your Moto G1 to an Android version beyond 5.1 Lollipop. This was Motorola’s decision. Motorola not Republic has the keys to the bootloader and won’t be supplying them.



the Legacy Phones (like the Moto G 1st Gen) have a custom ROM that allows Republic WiFi First VOIP/Cell backup hybrid service and this ROM is stuck at 5.1 and any change to this and it will not work on Republic any longer



Thanks for the bad news!



You can go to Motorola’s website and request the code to unlock your phone from there. They even have instructions on how to do it. You can find it under “Get Help-Community Resources-Developer resources”. Here is the direct link:


I too have a Moto G 1st gen that I would like to unlock and manually update to a more recent OS. But I am scared to destroy my phone and end up having to sign up for the 3.0 plans. Have you learned anything new since your post or have you been able to make some progress on updating your Moto G? I am interested in doing this myself so if you could share information that would be helpful.



Motorola will not unlock the boot for the Republic legacy phones, also if one was somehow able to flash newer ROM on a legacy phone it would no longer work on Republic, as a CDMA phone the Moto G 1st can not be used on AT&T or T-Mobile, and both Verizon and Sprint will blacklist the MEID [Verizon will know it’s not a unlocked phone or one it sellers, Sprint see the Republic phone as incompatible]


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