Unlock defy from RW

i want to give my old defy to a friend to use on freedompop. but it wonlr work because it is still set for RW. what do i do the remove the conncetion to RW?

No. And here is why.

In order for the phone to work on Freedompop you would have to flash a different ROM onto it. The hybrid Wi-Fi/cell ROM that makes it work on RW keeps it from working with other carriers. While there are ways to bypass general Android security and root the phone in order to do a variety of things with it there is no way to bypass the bootloader security and flash a new ROM onto it.

And after the Defy is deactivated from your account it cannot be re-activated as Republic is going in a different direction now. The hybrid ROM got them here but it isn’t the way forward. Customers wanted faster OS updates and phones that could be taken to other carriers and that’s what the 3.0 service is based on.

it’s highly unlikely that the Defy will ever work on another network

you can try going to android developer board and find hackers that may be bypass the locked boot loader (most likely because it a challenge and they can) see what they did for a Moto X 1st Gen (same type of issue)

note this type of hack is risky as it has a good chance of bricking the phone

Personally I would not waste my time with the Defy (out of date when it was new IMO as under spec and support drop by the OEM way to soon.) there are a flood of used cheap phones that will work on Freedomopop that are way ahead of the Defy (just about any used Sprint phone running Ice Cream sandwich (Android 4.0) or greater

About the only thing your friend could do with the phone is keep it in the glove compartment of a car along with a cigarette lighter charger to use as an emergency phone to call 911.

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