Unlock Moto E 1st Gen for use on other networks


We just upgraded from a Moto E 1st Gen to a Moto G4. I’d like to know how to get the Moto E unlocked so I can use it on another network.

Also, is it possible to completely remove all the RW stuff and make it a stock phone?


Hi @katamara!

The Moto E1 you have will only work on Republic. It cannot be unlocked for use on other networks. In theory, you could root the phone, flash a ROM, and delete all the Republic software, but since it can’t be used on another provider, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. As some have pointed out, Republic phones tend to hold their value better than other carrier phones so you should still be able to get something for it! Hope that helps!



I don’t remember seeing anyone successfully re-flashing the E/G/X’s that had the special Republic ROM to allow them to go to another carrier … here is the RW document Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones that will help you as suggested by @mb2x


there was an early Jellybean OS version of the Moto X 1st Gen (back when the boot loader could be unlocked with a hack) running on GSM of T-Mobile after getting flashed with the Sprint ROM (LTE did not work ) (it was done as a can it be done more than it need to be done and I believe they resorted the phone to Republic ROM after the hack

now the 1st gen Moto E even if they where able to somehow unlock the boot loader the MEID is blocked by Sprint as not compatible for there network (mean Sprint Based MVNO will not activate it) and Verizon will not take it as they don’t allow Sprint based CDMA phones on there network, and there no GSM radios so there no taking it to T-Mobile or AT&T)