Unlock Moto G3 for Alfred Camera use

I recently purchased a used Moto G3 XT1548 phone to use as a camera for the Alfred Home Security Camera. This phone will not be connected to a cellular signal. I do not have a SIM in the phone. It uses my home’s WiFi connection to operate.

The phone is locked. Since I do not need to connect it to a cellular network, is there any way to unlock it so that the Republic software can be removed or deactivated? Right now, every time it is rebooted, it nags me about activation.

How can I unlock this phone?

Alternately, there are three entries in the app list for Republic: Republic System, Republic Telephony, and Republic Wireless. A fourth app is RepW Network Manager. On all of these, there is apparently no option to disable as the DISABLE button is grayed out.

the Republic Moto G3, like all the legacy phones,has a custom ROM to support the WiFi 1st VOIP with Cell backup, and the boot loader is locked by the OEM (and Motorola will not unlock it as they only unlock the factory unlocked model)

there no way disable the republic software

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