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Hi I switched carriers (though I loved RW, I needed a different type of service to use WeChat). Now I have added a second line to my service and plan to use an older RW phone (Moto G3, I think). I have the new Sim card installed but need an unlock code, apparently. I vaguely remember when I did this with the primary phone, a Moto E4, this might have been called the MEI number or something similar. How can I obtain this code for the phone I now want to use? Thanks!

The Moto G3 that republic used was a legacy phone with a custom ROM and will not work on any other provider (there is no unlocking the phone as it would take a ROM flash and Motorola will not unlock the boot loader to do so.(this is true for all legacy phones {Moto X1, G1, E1, X2, E2, G3} and Defy beta phone)


I actually was wrong about the model of the phone I need to unlock for use with another carrier. I apologize for the time you all kindly spent answering the original question.

The phone I want to activate with another carrier is a Moto e4. The new carrier says I need an unlock code, which is apparently numerical. Can I get that?


Do you mean that you bought a Moto E4 from Republic and you wish to use that on another carrier? If so, that phone is already the North American Factory Unlocked Model and does not require any unlocking.

Hi @susank.1upmoy,

Indeed a Moto E4 purchased from Republic is factory unlocked, so no Republic doesn’t have a code to provide for unlocking that which isn’t locked to begin with. That said, perhaps, a bit More information will help us better help you.

Is the E4 in question currently active with Republic? Would you be comfortable identifying the new service provider with whom you wish to activate the E4?

I switched to Consumer Cellular although I love you guys because my friends moved to China and VoIP doesnt work with WeChat.

I have been with CC for some time but in April decided to use my older RW phone for a second line. I never have been able to activate it.

This isn’t exactly correct. It’s correct WeChat won’t send the confirmation text required for signup to a VoiP number. Republic numbers are indeed VoIP numbers. That said, once set up on WeChat, it works just fine on a Republic phone. I have the WeChat app on a Republic phone. I verified the number attached to that phone while it was with another service provider. When I brought the number to Republic, WeChat was fine with that. Once set up on WeChat, it’s possible to use other methods to sign into one’s WeChat account, so the fact WeChat won’t send texts to VoIP numbers is inconsequential once WeChat is set up. I appreciate there isn’t a particular reason one should know all this.

CC is mistaken about your E4 being locked. That said, do you still have the Republic SIM used with the E4? If so, please take a look at that SIM. Is the lettering for the word Republic a mix of green and black? Or, is the lettering for the word Republic all gray or all black?

I no longer have the RW Sim card. I wish I did, because it sounds like you know what you are talking about!


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Thank you for the kind words! I asked about the Republic SIM because there’s one scenario where another service provider might see the E4 activated on Republic as being locked even though it’s not. That scenario generally involves a service provider using Sprint’s network, which CC, to the best of my knowledge does not. CC uses either AT&T or T-Mobile.

Is there a specific reason the second lune would need to be activated with CC? Do you need to use WeChat on the second line as well. Would reactivating the second line on Republic be an option for you?

The only reason I might not use two carriers for the two phone lines is convenience, I guess, though the second line on CC is pretty inexpensive. This may be TMI, but my reason for a second line had more to do with privacy than call volume, since I am interested in meeting new people, so to speak. If this is difficult to solve I’ll probably just stick with the one phone. Thanks for your help.

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