Unlock RW phone for use with new carrier


Hi I switched carriers (though I loved RW, I needed a different type of service to use WeChat). Now I have added a second line to my service and plan to use an older RW phone (Moto G3, I think). I have the new Sim card installed but need an unlock code, apparently. I vaguely remember when I did this with the primary phone, a Moto E4, this might have been called the MEI number or something similar. How can I obtain this code for the phone I now want to use? Thanks!


The Moto G3 that republic used was a legacy phone with a custom ROM and will not work on any other provider (there is no unlocking the phone as it would take a ROM flash and Motorola will not unlock the boot loader to do so.(this is true for all legacy phones {Moto X1, G1, E1, X2, E2, G3} and Defy beta phone)

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