Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930P?

I accidentally bought the Sprint specific Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930P, instead of the SM-G930U model. Is it possible to unlock it for Republic Wireless use?

Hi @coryl.db6a5t!

Unfortunately, I don’t think it will work. For one, Republic does not officially support any model of the S7 except the listed one. Sprint is very very touchy about unlocking phones. You must meet certain criteria to be eligible for unlocking. If you were able to get it unlocked, there is a possibility of flashing custom firmware too it and it might work, but there are no guarantees (this is not recommended). Additionally, Republic isn’t able to provide the same level of support to unsupported phones in the event that you run into issues. Let me explain why they only support that specific model. The models are different at the hardware level-that is they have different cellular radios. Unsupported phones may experience poor reception as a result. I would recommend selling it and buying the correct model. I hope that helps!


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Thank you very much, sir! You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

One last thing: Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930U- 32GB - Black Smartphone Factory Unlocked 9/10 | eBay

I assume this is what I am looking for?

Yep! That’s it! Just a word of caution regarding eBay, some deceptive sellers have been listing S7s that are actually not the SM-G930U model in a way that would lead you to believe it is. That listing looks fine, but just be on the lookout for phrases like “this phone is running SM-G930U firmware”. This is a good example: Samsung Galaxy S7 Onyx Black with G930U Unlocked Cricket H2O Tmobile Red Pocket | eBay.

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