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Hi, I have a Moto G 3rd type phone and I will travel to Europe. Can I unlock the phone and if not what type of phone should I get? Thanks


Hi @ardianc.v96y7g

The Republic Wireless MotoG 3rd Gen. has proprietary software that will not allow it to be use on any other carrier. The RW G3 is not an unlocked phone and never will be, due to that software limitation.

You can use the phone on wifi though, almost anywhere on most of the planet, that is a the cool thing about RW.

See here for more info… International Travel with a Republic Phone

You want a duel-band phone if you travel abroad…meaning both capable of CDMA/GSM bandwidths.

I am confident you will get more advise on this as many community members actually travel the globe.

Due to the Custom ROM of the Legacy Phone (that handle the Hybrid VOIP/Cell pre-marshmallow Android OS) none of them will work on another network (either in the US or anywhere in the world) All 3.0 phone (all post Marshmallow android OS) are unlocked and can be used on any network that will allow them

International Travel with a Republic Phone

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