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I have an unlocked GSM phone and want to switch to Republic. Typically, I have just got a new sim, inserted and activated the service but the BYOD page is telling me that my phone is not compatible.
This seems a little strange to me, especially given that Republic uses T-Mobile networks, and I have used T-Mobile before without issue.
Am I understanding this correctly in that Republic only allows a small selection of SM unlocked phones? I am hoping I am wrong and I can get a Republic sim card and activate my service with them.
Any help appreciated.



as a hybrid VOIP first with Cell Backup Republic is more complex than other MVNO
as such Republic test phones before allowing customers to bring a device over and activate on it hybrid system (also note republic is a MVNO for both T-Mobile (GSM) or Sprint (CDMA) depending on which way the phone is configured (and be default BYOD is GSM)
(to a point where even other carrier version of approve phone models will not be allowed though a White list) (All Republic approved phones are North American Factory unlocked)
note it used to be to get there system to work they need a custom ROM so things have gotten better and we all hope more phones will be added to the approved list as time goes on


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