Unlocked moto G fast for republic service

Hi If I get unlocked Moto G fast from a friend can it be suitable for republic app or to use as my phone in republic account?
Pl assist me deciding… thx


Hi @mtdesai,

It depends. You would need to verify the Moto G Fast your friend might give you is the Republic compatible variant as noted here: moto g fast – Republic Wireless. The easiest way to do that would be installing Republic’s mobile app on the phone, then opening it.

Would the Moto G Fast be intended as a new line of service? Or, are you wanting to upgrade a current Republic phone?

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to upgrade current phone

Hi @mtdesai,

May we know the brand, model and generation of your current phone?

moto g 5.1

Hi @mtdesai,

Your Moto G’s SIM is phone specific and cannot be transferred to another phone. Presuming your friend’s Moto G Fast is Republic compatible, you would need a new Republic SIM for it.

As you may know, Republic offers multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones. To be certain we point you to a SIM with the best coverage for your area, might we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)?

zip code 37013
and thank you for your help… as far as I was told that his phone is having a sim card slot

We’re more worried about whether his phone is a carrier branded phone or a republic compatible one. North American factory unlocked.

thank you once again… that is the one we are not sure

he says it is motorola brand … but he does not know whether it will wok with republic

May be I can ask him to try and download the republic app… just to test if that works than it is ok… but only downloading the app may not work well without having account with republic

Downloading the app is just like downloading any other app from the Google Play Store and doesn’t require a Republic account, only a Google account (to access the Play Store).

Alternatively you can ask them to go to Settings – System – About Phone or Settings – About Phone (not sure which it is on the Fast) and ask him to tell you what it says for “Software Channel”.

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thank you very much for your help.

excellent support and advice from all of you. Rolandh, Majorninth and Louisdi



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