Unlocked Moto G6

I would like to know if I buy an unlocked moto g 6, does it matter what network that it was previous on?? as long as I buy a republic sim chip

It must be the Factory Unlocked model as listed in the Compatible phones list.

A carrier model variant, one bought from a carrier like tmobile or Verizon, will not work on RW.


AAAAhhh, thank you, so really none of the phones on Ebay will work with a republic sim card.

I didn’t say that…many sold there will work. There is many factory unlocked models on there., u just have to be careful to get the correct model number and watch out for those phones being sold as “unlocked” unlocked that are actually re-flashed carrier locked models.

i recommend Swappa.com over ebay any day.

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I’m sorry I wrote too soon, there are factory unlocked phones on ebay, so they will work?

We cant just tell u if a phone will work with no further info
Look for the models listed in the Compatbality list.
If you are not certain, Republic sells phones in their on line store that are guaranteed to work.
Other wise, feel free to post links to ebay here and others can advise if they should work on RW or not.

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again thank you for the tip, I don’t use a phone much, and my old moto g1 is fading. I really don’t use one that much and would like to keep it about $100. I will go to swappa.

The Moto e5 Play is $129 and would be your best bet for a budget phone.

Also, be aware that since you are using a Legacy phone on the Refund 2.0 plan, the new phones require the current My Choice plan. Also, coverage will be different as that phone(and the low end budget phones) tend to be GSM (tmobile) only. Your old Moto g1 is on CDMA Sprint network. be sure to check the covergae checker to see if GSM is good for your zip code.

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thanks for you time.

The Moto X4 is much better overall value than the E5 Play…especially at the price points that it is available of late. Here’s one from Best Buy


Similar sales have been going on at Amazon, B&H…so browse those sites as well


I strongly recommend you review the information here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone


so would it be correct to assume any factory unlocked moto x 4
XT1900-1 will work on republic?

Yes, the factory unlocked, the amazon prime exclusive and the Android one version of the X4 all work with Republic.

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