Unlocked Moto X4 and new plans

I’m pretty sure I saw and/or know the answer to this one but with all the info/questions/comments now that the new plans are out, I have NO clue where I saw it!
I have a Moto X4 on the My Choice plan of $20/1gb per month. Because of where I live, the only SIM that worked was Sprint CDMA. As we all know, that is going away next year. When I looked at the BYOPs that would work with the new plans, there was no Moto X4 listed. My phone’s battery doesn’t hold the way it used to (charges to only 98% when it’s telling me 100% :grin: ) but it still lasts for longer than a day, so I’m not quite ready to replace my phone yet.
I’d wanted to try getting a SIM for the new plans to put in my phone (it was a BYOP unlocked that I got through Amazon), but, if I’m correct, that is not an option for me? This is making it tough for me to evaluate and my brain is starting to hurt trying!!! I know the Moto X4 will go over to a Verizon prepaid plan, but I want to stay with rw. After all this long-winded explanation of what I’m trying to do (sorry folks, I get like that), I guess my question is… am I misunderstanding the BYOP and my Moto X4 COULD be used with a new plan? I’ve also been looking at phones that COULD carry over between here and Verizon but, as I said, I’m not quite ready for a new phone. IF the new carrier doesn’t provide good coverage for me in the boondocks (and AT&T has NOT been stellar in their service in every other area such as Internet, etc for where I live), then that would make phone choices that can go either provider less of a problem. I was sincerely hoping that I’d be able to determine how good they were here without getting a new phone.
Thanks for listening. I’m one of those 55+ (++) people and only need 1 line since my hubby refuses to carry a cell phone. Any and all help would be appreciated…

For your Moto X4, that’s currently projected by T-Mobile to be June 30, 2022.

The Moto X4 is indeed not listed as being compatible with Republic’s new 5.0 plans. That said, BYOP on 5.0 is significantly more flexible than My Choice. I think you should be comfortable giving a new Republic SIM a tryout. There may be some lack of network functionality but I’m reasonably confident, talk, text and cell data would work. WiFi calling is iffy.

You could also buy a new phone from Republic’s online store when all the kinks are worked out. Just like a new Republic SIM, any phone purchased would be covered by Republic’s 30-day money back guarantee. I’m not necessarily encouraging you to buy a new phone but it’s an option with minimal risk.


If I were in the same situation, I would keep using the Moto X4 on the MyChoice plan for awhile. It doesn’t seem you are in a hurry to replace it but mid-2022, they CDMA network will be shuttered. Republic will notify you in advance, I believe.

This will give time for the new plan conversion’s dust to settle. There may be more phone choices and processes will likely be smoother. Of course, an expert can still help as that time gets closer. But since you are still happy with the X4 and coverage for now, no need to change just yet in my opinion.


Pardon me if I’m wrong, but if she “tried” a new plan SIM on her one and only phone, would she be able to switch back to My Choice? From what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like it.

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There’s no need to ask for pardon. There’s also no need to move one’s number from My Choice to give new plans a tryout. Just buy and activate a new SIM using a new account and accepting a new number. An additional phone would be convenient but not required. It’s possible to use multiple active SIMs in a single phone by swapping SIMs in and out.

If the new plans turn out to be a fit, cancel service on the new SIM get your money back then order another new SIM and move your number from My Choice.

If the new plans are not a fit, cancel service to the new SIM, get your money back and be done with it leaving your number on your My Choice plan.


The getting a new number on the new SIM idea fell right out of my brain. :upside_down_face: Thanks for your answer!


You’ve given me food for thought here @rolandh! My biggest concern in doing that, however, would be the number of people I would have to notify about the change in phone numbers, even if only for a brief period of time as I try things out. If there was a way to forward incoming calls/texts from my “real” number to the temporary one, I might be more prone to trying it. However, if I messed things up somehow I’d be really in trouble (and since I can kill off silk flowers, me messing things up is not beyond my capabilities).
However, I AM thinking about it! I tend to worry about things ahead of time and 6 months before CDMA no longer works gives me a while to let the dust settle. I just get nervous about things not all tidy - I’m too much of a what-if person… :joy: :grin: I appreciate your help and the help and suggestions from @jumphour and @tamu_bu also. Thank you!

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Calls could be easily forwarded to the new phone using voicemail forwarding. I’m afraid there is no good solution for forwarding text messages. Perhaps, you could enlist a good friend or two in helping you test rather than give out the new number to everyone?

I recognize the approach isn’t exactly ideal for those who unlike me aren’t geeks. That said, I don’t want to see you or other members give up their My Choice plans until certain they are ready to do so.


Thanks @rolandh! Once upon a time I was a total computer/phone geek. I haven’t kept up with the technology though, which is one reason I started feeling uncomfortable being one of the Ambassadors here a few years ago. Too many new phones and things I wasn’t “up on”… I have too many years invested with rw and really like them. I hadn’t thought about having some friends test things out for me with the X4 and the new SIM. It sounds like a worthwhile investment of time for me… Thanks again!

Oddly Republic Support told me to help with my current issue (My phone is now roaming in CDMA all the time) I needed to upgrade to a 5.0 plan… they knew (or should have as I told them more than once) that I have a MotoX4 I’ll sit on it for now, but I suppose I’ll have to make a move next year… if I have to get another phone I may as well consider other carriers

Hi @teds.zqltee,

I think what support was trying to explain and probably didn’t provide you the full context of, was that in the situation you are describing, a troubleshooting step they’d typically use would be to replace the SIM card, but that is no longer an option for us, so upgrading would be the only option if you wanted to remain a Republic member.

While the Moto X4 is not listed as a compatible phone, I have tried it on the 5.0 plan and it works for cellular service. WiFi calling and WiFi SMS and MMS (in the absence of a cellular signal) are not supported.


Esteemed @southpaw ,

Long time, no comm! :upside_down_face: (All the fault is on my side.)

I am waiting on a Boost SIM card for my – Amazon – unlocked Moto X4 (XT1900-1). When I checked the IMEI the Boo-st website reported that my phone was already active on their service!?

So I am thrilled to hear that you have had the results you posted about.

I have been lurking since I [accidentally] discovered the DISH buyout. The Boost SIM is intended primarily for use in my X4 to check coverage near my (new) home but I also have my old Nexus 6 and a Pixel 4a (5.0 plan Wi-Fi calling compatible :sunglasses:) and just realized that once the new SIM is activated – which is far from a done deal – I can move it among all three phones to see what results prevail here in the part of the Appalachians where I am.

My plan is to move my current RW number as well as my daughter’s number to a 5.0 plan once things smooth out. No intention of going to Boost, especially in light of the horrible snags, problems and frustrations in trying to establish a new (local) number with their service. (Fraught experience elided.)

So I hope this falls into the “additional details” category that applies to an “already solved” thread and isn’t just SPAM/blather in the thread.

P,S. I still have a huge geek crush on you and am very glad to see you are still delivering excellence and precision in your position as
‘Sr Manager, Customer Experience’. :vulcan_salute:

Just so you know, Boost has two types of SIM cards currently available. Orange indicates T-Mobile is the wireless partner, and black indicates AT&T is the wireless partner. I ordered a Boost SIM to try out AT&T coverage and ended up with the orange one :man_facepalming: (my fault, I ordered from the Boost website selling the T-Mobile SIMs…which is difficult to distinguish from the one selling AT&T SIMs).

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TYVM! I am hoping to be in the ‘black’ because they reported that there is coverage at my ZIPcode and my Pixel is operating on a CDMA SIM now because T-Mo coverage is so spotty here. But to reiterate, given my interaction with Boo-st it’s far from a done deal. One slightly positive note: They are sending me the SIM at no charge.

Which, I believe, is due to the failures of their website (could not enter my payment card info at checkout) and their automated call [mis-]handling system which hung up on me at least 4 times during the attempt to activate my phone with a new number. I also spent another 20 minutes or longer on the phone with a CSR when I called back in for assistance. Mostly waiting for him to respond when he was ready to move forward with whatever procedure he was struggling with. I still have not paid for service yet, which makes me wonder what challenges are yet to be overcome. :mask:

Meanwhile I am standing by (but not for insurrection.) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yeah…well…Boost and Republic have the same parent company, so… fingers crossed.


But the distinction(s) in philosphies is HUGE!

I suspect that the reason that the website wasn’t able to accept my payment card details was because I used a PO box for my address but there is nothing on the page saying that they won’t/can’t ship to a PO box but i couldn’t complete the checkout process… :yawning_face:

Republic has never been able to ship to P.O. boxes. That’s somewhere in the help articles, at least; I don’t recall if it used to be on the check out page, but either way it sounds like it needs to be added to the new one.


It is an invitation to insecurity and I suspected it was a prohibited action. Just the same it would prevent confusion (and likely customer churn as well as CSR-connected expense) if a bit of text was included on the page to keep folks from inserting their feet into that potential trap.

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Hi @glarepate,

I’m concerned that this statement ended with a question mark. I really hope that was just sort of a “what’s-up-with-that” kind of question mark, and not anything you hoped I could answer. I have no insight into the workings of Boost.

Thank you for waiting! I think it’ll be worth the wait!

We’ve got two unlocked Moto X4s using CDMA SIMs with Republic. I’m testing out another MVNO’s T-Mobile GSM SIM and coverage is about as good for me as Sprint’s doomed CDMA coverage is now, but not as good as it once was.

I have no plans to stay with RW without WiFi calling.

One odd hiccup, I had to drive to get cell service to activate the trial SIM. I’m pretty sure my Moto X4 and previous RW Moto G activated fine on WiFi without cell service. One more thing that Republic’s awesome technology could do.