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From what I gather from other questions if I buy an unlocked phone that is both GSM and CDMA capable it will work with republic wireless. Is this correct?

this is not correct.
the only phones that will work on Republic are listed here

of the 3.0 phones that have BYOD options one needs to match the Model/build versions as those are the North American Factory Unlock models

most of these are both CDMA and GSM compatible but a few of them are only GSM compatable
Republic uses 2 Network partners (it’s one or the other not both at once) the CDMA partner is Sprint, and the GSM partner is T-Mobile


In addition to the above information provided by @drm186 … A cross reference of phone/feature is provided in Detailed Supported Phone Features and it is one of many helpful things provided by community users …Tips & Tricks - Community Forums


I’m going to get the LG V30 which from what I’ve read is CDMA capable. So even if a phone is capable of running on republic’s networks it still won’t work?

this is correct, as Republic is a Wi-Fi First Hybrid VOIP/Cell backup provider they need to make sure a build of Android will work with their system as such they whitelist phones after they have tested them, as they are a north American company any international phone will not be tested by then along with pones that are branded for other Networks in the US. They also need to have a relationship with the OEM (which they do not currenly have with LG) so that if an update breaks the system they can get a fix out there fairly quickly

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