Unlocked S9 compatibility



I read a discussion in the forums about the compatibility of unlocked S9+ phones, but we are looking to buy the S9 model.

Since RW only offers the S9 in black, we are investigating the unlocked S9 in lilac purple that is available directly from Samsung.

Under the Republic Wireless “bring your own phone” guide, it states that we must buy a Samsung S9 with the model number SM-G960U1. But when I looked up the unlocked S9 phones at the Samsung.com website, it shows that the only one unlocked S9 model available and listed as model SM-G960UZPAXAA

Does anyone know if the SM-G960UZPAXAA model listed on the Samsung website is compatible with Republic Wireless?


It is. See here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone for more information.


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