Please unlocked my Moto G cell phone #[redacted] immediately. Purpose for oversea traveling [redacted].


Moderator’s note: Phone number redacted. Date of travel redacted. This is a publicly visible forum!

@susanc.rpojxt this is the public forum page. So removing your phone number is a good idea.

Anyhow, all Republic phones are unlocked.

The Moto G1 and G3 phones have a custom ROM chip inside that makes the phone incompatible with all other services. So nothing can be done to make it work anywhere else except for WiFi calling.

If you have a Moto G4 or G5 phone, then all you need to do is remove the SIM card from the phone and replace it with another SIM from a different carrier. While the Republic Wireless is removed from the phone, you will not get any phone calls, text messages and voicemail to your home phone number. You will have to put the Republic Wireless SIM back in the phone and connect the phone to WiFi while overseas to get any text messages, phone calls and voicemail that are going to your home phone number.

International Travel with a Republic Phone

Unfortunately the phone you have is not capable of being used on any other carrier. Only the new 3.0 phones are factory unlocked phones. The older phones are not subsidy locked but they are at their core, incompatible with other carriers.

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