Unlocking a Moto G4 phone for use overseas

We live and work half the year in the US and the other half in West Africa. Last month I purchased the Moto G4 phone with the SIM card slot specifically for the purpose of interchanging the Republic card with the local provider’s SIM card here in Senegal (where we just arrived several days ago). However when I replaced the Republic SIM card with the local SIM card I got an error message that said that the phone did not recognize the new SIM. Would you be able to help me “unlock” my Moto G4 so that it is of use to me here i.e. so that I can interchange the two SIM cards according to my need. Thank you so much for your help with this issue.

Bruce Adamson


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I don’t believe the Moto G4 should be locked. That was one of the selling points of the Republic Wireless 3.0 phones/plans. Typically if a phone has a SIM lock, and you try to replace the SIM, the phone will prompt you for an unlock code. If I were in your shoes I would contact both Republic Help and the carrier that supplied your new SIM for assistance.

are you sure there nothing wrong with the Local SIM card, it the new SIM the right size (the Moto G4 line uses the Micro and the standard for some carrier is the Nano, if the new SIM a Nano you may need an adapter)

The Moto G4 isn’t locked to Republic, but that doesn’t mean it is compatible with the SIM card you have or there isn’t something wrong with the SIM.

Hi @brucea.hdchwx,

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Are you getting the error message from the Republic Wireless App? The local SIM is of course not going to be compatible with Republic Wireless App. You will need the instructions from the local SIM card company to get it up and running.

Hi @brucea.hdchwx ,

Please try uninstalling or disabling the Republic Wireless app when you need to use the local SIM.

Hi @brucea.hdchwx,

Apparently, there are three cellular providers in Senegal. None offer 4G LTE. Only one Orange (Sonatel) offers 3G service. All offer 2G and EDGE (2.5G).

According to Motorola’s specs the G4 should be compatible with all three Senegal providers on the 900 MHz frequency for 2G/2.5G and on the 2100 MHz frequency for 3G with Orange (Sonatel).

If @southpaw@rw’s suggestion of disabling Republic’s 3.0 app doesn’t help, please check at Settings -> More -> Cellular networks -> Access Point Names. Do you see entries that would be associated with your Senegalese provider?

Source of my information on Senegalese providers: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/FrameWork/WorldwideFormatted.pdf.

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