Unlocking phones to switch to Verizon

We’ve used Republic for many years, Our coverage has been scanty. Recently, it seems even worse here in rural Wisconsin. We’ve made the decision to go to Verizon. How can we get our phones unlocked from Republic?


unless you are using a Legacy Phone (the Moto X1, Moto X2, Moto G1, Moto G3, Moto E1, Moto E2) your phone should already be unlocked as all 3.0 supported phones are North American Factory unlocked models

I checked with Verizon on the Samsung Galaxy S10e and they said it was locked to Republic. I didn’t check the other phones, which are Moto G6 or Moto G5. I’m also looking into maybe we need to switch from GSM to CDMA, but this is all new to me. We just don’t have any coverage (on the map) for half of our state. We lived with it for a long time… now it’s time to do something about it.

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If your phones are currently GSM (T-Mobile) on Republic then checking to see if CDMA (Sprint) coverage would improve your service on Republic, that said there should be no lock to Republic for a Samsung Galaxy 10e as Republic only supports and sells the Factory unlocked version

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How do we know if our phones are GSM or CDMA?

Why would Verizon lie to me?

I am so ignorant about all this. Thanks for trying to help.

open hte Republic app and go to the setting tab (:gear:) then tab about, the SIM Type should be under the number

as for Verizon, it could be to get you to buy a phone from them or just the sales person not knowing anything about Republic severs and just assumed it’s locked


Ok, thanks. Mine is GSM. So if we live in an area where almost everyone uses Verizon, we should have CDMA sim cards?

I, for one, would certainly try out the CDMA sim cards first.

Thanks. Will consult the “team”–5 or 6 family members who live in 4 different states!

Hi @ronm.jvlaqj,

Our CDMA SIM card allows the phones to use Sprint’s network. How is Sprint’s coverage in your area? Our database suggests you really don’t have good coverage with either of our carrier partners.

I do not know of any reason that Verizon would tell you that your phone is locked to Republic. If the agent would care to pass along the exact wording of any error message he is seeing, I’ll be glad to investigate that further.

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Try here and see what it says.


Thanks, but that’s what I have tried 3 times now. The 2nd Verizon agent is not giving me the same reasons that the 1st one did. Actually, she isn’t giving me any reason why the phone is not compatible. I’ll just put this on the back burner until my better half gets home. Thanks everyone!

Who is the other carrier besides Sprint, please?

Hi @ronm.jvlaqj,

Our GSM carrier is T-Mobile.


Transitioned to RW Nov 2016.
I’m in Eastern NC (Raleigh to the coast) and went thru connection issues (drop zones on rural highways) for 2-3 years. Swapped my GSM sim card for the CDMA sim card about 2 years ago. Really did not see much improvement. BUT! In the last year I have noticed my Samsung s7 now stays “connected” more often in those “dead zone” rural highway spots, thankfully! Good luck!

Oh, btw, I was with “verizon” from forever till nov’16. Still had ALL those “dead spots.” WHY did I switch? Well, I lept reading Clark Howard saying how good RW was. Took me a year but I finally bit the bullet. BEST thing I ever did for my wallet! “verizon” customer service sucked. I have been NOTHING but very SATISFIED w/ the RW “customer service!!!” The coverage was touchy at first but once you learn how to ask questions and dial in to your specific needs I find this has worked out GREAT for me and the others in my RW Group plan. Good luck!

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