Unofficial guide to RW App for My Choice Plans


Here’s my unofficial guide to the RW App. Current version is

This document is Wiki format…so feel free to update it for clarity or additional useful content.

The re-design features a quick snapshot of plan data on the leftmost tab which is also the default screen when you open the app.

Tapping on “cell data used” displays the data usage broken down by app in High-Low or Alphabetical formats

You can tap on individual apps to highlight it’s usage in the bar graph.

Data Tools
Tapping on “Data Tools” brings up the following menu

Data Freeze - This menu option has changed names from the corresponding menu
Cell Data…which was turned ON by default. This reverses the polarity of that menu option. Data Freeze is off by default and implies that Cell Data is ON. When you turn Data Freeze “ON” then essentially you are turning “Cell Data” OFF. This setting only affects the cellular data access to other apps. Republic Wireless App continues to have access to Cellular Data.

Data Stretch - This future feature based on its description sounds like a great help for those close to end of billing cycle situations.

Mobile Hotspot - Allows you to set up your phone as a mobile hotspot.

Manage My Data
The bottom tab gives quick access to data management…including one-time data purchases as well as changes to recurring monthly data amounts.

Tapping on the bottom tab brings you to this screen

When you sign in with your RW login credentials (These have to be the credentials for the primary account owner. An assigned user cannot make changes to the plan)

One time-data purchases can be made by tapping on green plus icon above "Add data now"

Data can be purchased in 1GB increments.

Initially “Review Order” is greyed out…when you add 1 or more GBs of data it will turn green.

Tap on “Review order” and finalize the transaction.

Similarly you can change your monthly recurring data by tapping on the up-down green arrow icon above “Change Monthly Data”

The “no data” $15 plan displays an additional warning that it is a “Talk and Text” only plan that includes no cellular data

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