Unpleasant surprise on switching


moto g3


i transferred number and data to new g5Plus. then reset this g3. now i cant get it on the 1.0 plan so i can give it to my son! web page says its not compatible, but it was 3 days ago? soo??

Issue Description

after transferring data and # to new phone i , following advice" did factory reset, and now republic is telling me there is NO plan?


Hi @TeeMark,

May we know which webpage you’re referencing? Reactivating the G3 for your son would be done via the Republic Wireless app on the phone. It won’t activate on the 1.0 plans but will activate on the 2.0 refund plans.


this page; Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless
i had found where i could get on to 2.0 but the signup asks for a phone # and there is none since it was reset and the old # now used on my g5 plus. also must he have a gmail account?


Hi @TeeMark,

Ah, indeed that webpage is aimed at folks activating new (rather than previously used legacy) phones with Republic. The phone number requested when activating a phone is a contact number only. Please feel free to use any number at which you may be reached. Your son will receive his new number when activation completes. And, yes, you will want to set him up with his own Google account.

One additional observation, it sounds like you’re creating a new Republic account for your son. This is an option not a requirement. If you prefer, to add his “new” phone as an additional line of service to your account, just sign into your account during activation.