Unreal Mobile vs Republic Wireless

AT&T is offering $10/month for Unlimited text, talk and 1GB LTE data. This fits my usage profile but, at half Republic’s monthly price. Additionally, AT&T has a wider service net than T-mobile (Republic’s provider). Does Republic have a competing offer for customers like me?

Hi @gener.brfzzj,

In short, no. Republic does not price match competitor’s offers. Please know that I find no evidence Unreal Mobile runs off of AT&T’s network but rather uses Sprint. Perhaps, that’s recently changed? Anyway, Unreal Mobile is a FreedomPop brand. Based on previous experience with FreedomPop itself, you couldn’t pay me to use a FreedomPop brand.


Unreal now has a GSM SIM option, which uses att. They have been spamming my email about it.

I’ll second @rolandh’s assessment that FreedomPop couldn’t give me $10 a month to try their service.

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Not terribly surprising since FreedomPop itself also does so.

Your fault for giving FreedomPop an email address.


Just a note here… Unreal (and FreedomPop) are no more. FreedomPop and Unreal customers are being transitioned to Red Pocket if on a GSM SIM or Ting if on a CDMA SIM.

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It does look like Red Pocket is acquiring the FreedomPop/Unreal Mobile brands in addition to the GSM customers. What will be done with those brands remains to be seen.

O i keep getting advert emails (in my Spam folder) from them a few times each week.
No notice as to them shutting down or moving to Red Pocket.

Also, my Facebook is also spamming adds for a new company that is “too good to be true” prices… “Hello Mobile”. I chatted with them on FB. They advertise they use both Tmobile and Sprint “at the same time” for best coverage…lies.

Reddit is littered with threads like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoContract/comments/bi0wac/does_anyone_know_what_network_hello_mobile_uses/

After further commenting, they responded to me on FB comment and said they have no idea or control on what network the phone is on. They also said “phone will use what ever is best CDMA Sprint or CDMA Tmobile”…and another comment “our best phones us the best CDMA network Tmobile or Sprint” um…there is no CDMA Tmobile network…is there? they clearly do not know what they are talking about. Fishy to me.

There most certainly is not. Another shady south Florida company. Maybe @rolandh owns it?



that a reply to somones FB comment asking what service Hello uses.
What phone can run on 2 cell networks at same time??? i want one.
Even on Google Fi…u have to manually switch networks, and it takes several secs.

Hello Mobile is Q Link Wireless’ (a large Lifeline program provider) rebranded consumer offering. Q Link is indeed headquartered in South Florida though ironically last I looked they do not offer Lifeline service in Florida.


I think I’ve figured out what they’re saying here, and it is still fishy…

So, from what I can tell you can only activate CDMA phones with them. That being said, several months ago Sprint put a roaming agreement in place with T-Mobile. This is both because the Verizon CDMA network they currently roam on is being shut down and also because of the T-Mobile merger talks.

So, my guess is this is just a misrepresentation of having access to the domestic roaming agreement (which actually would be something new because AFAIK the LTE roaming agreement was not extended to MVNOs) that Sprint has, that is now largely roaming on T-Mobile.

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My daughter has actually been using this service for the last 3 months on their unlimited plan. They activated her phone using her republic wireless CDMA Sim.

That’s totally odd. While in general, Sprint CDMA SIM cards are interchangeable between Sprint MVNOs, my understanding was that there is something unique about the Republic CDMA SIM card and it shouldn’t be able to be used with other service providers. Interesting.

Her phone still lists the Sim status as republic. I suggested she ask them to send her one of their Sim cards, but she is not bothered by it enough yet.

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Hello Mobile definitely appears to be a scam, or their social media person is a bot or has no idea how things work.

They continue to post that customers phones “will run on both CDMA and GSM networks simultaneously”.

They remove and block any user that posts otherwise negative comments or asking them how that works…etc with no further communication. Very much bot like posts or folks that are copy pasting form a script and have no idea what they are talking about. Ripoff reports and BBB (not accredited) complaints for them too. Stay away from them.

I have two cell phones. One a Moto G6 Play (just received Pie/9.0, awesome) using Republic Wireless Phone/Text no cell data on the annual plan. I was an early beta tester so I get a discount too. The second cell phone a Moto X4 using the Hello Mobile $25 unlimited plan Phone/Text and cell data. Currently, I’m in my free month (2nd month on service) and the SIM is Sprint, not a problem for me. So far zero problems and wifi tether work for me. I’ve heard if you buy one of their phones that isn’t possible and no surfing web while on a call. I haven’t noticed any throttling yet and I tried, downloading Linux Operating Systems onto my Chromebook. Will it be different in 3 or 6 months, don’t know, but since it’s Pre-Paid tax and all not panicked. According to their website, I’ve used 15 gigs of cell data in July so far, which is a lot for me considered use to zero cell data.

I have ran into similar experiences with Republic.

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