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I have a Samsung S7, and am on the My Choice with 1GB data. Over the past month, my notifications have gone haywire. Sometimes I don’t get notifications for texts (I use Republic Anywhere), and I never get notifications for texts when I’m on a call, which could be helpful. And then other times, my phone goes off with a series of 10-15 notification sounds (not my regular texting sound though), with no message attached to them. Sometimes the repeated notification sound is like what I get for messages from my Blackberry Work app.



look at the above and see if anything works for you
mostly settings set to off



did any thing work listed in the link
or is the problem still around

been a few days


No, I checked all of my settings and everything looks fine. And my problem seems different than what was described. I literally don’t get some notifications, at other times, get a single notification when there’s nothing new (that’s a text sound), and still other times I get a barrage of notifications of all varieties. I have no idea what’s going on. Thanks for checking and I’m all ears for suggestions!


Hi @ricardov.zq1r2y,

I think these issues may be unrelated to one another.

When you talk about not getting notifications for text, do you mean that there is no notification icon at the top of the screen, so the only way you know you have a new text message is by opening the app and seeing the new message? Or do you just mean there’s no sound to accompany the notification icon?

For the other times when sound just mysteriously happens, is this most often when you are using the phone in some way, or is it when the phone is at rest?


I was wondering if they were related. So for texts (I use Anywhere), sometimes I get no notification at all, no sound, no icon and I have to open the app to see the message. Then other times the sound is delayed for texts and yet other times, I get the sound notification and there is no message there. The other multiple notification sounds (which are more like what comes from my Blackberry Work app) happen randomly when the phone is at rest.


Is this Blackberry Work App something that’s on the same phone?


Yes, this app is on my phone. It’s what my company uses for our mobile access to corporate Outlook email and calendar.


Does it have an option to change its notification tone, specific to that app? I’m wondering if you changed that notification tone, whether the tones you’re hearing that sound the same would also change. Then we’d know these phantom tones are indeed coming from that app.


Hi @ricardov.zq1r2y,

It’s been about a week since we last heard from you. Were you able to figure out where the unexplained notifications were coming from? Would you like to continue troubleshooting in our Member Community?



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