Unsolicited Change Request


I received an email about a successful change request for an upgrade to my data plan from 1GB to 2GB, even though I didn’t make any change requests whatsoever.
I did not request this upgrade. Did you commit a charge onto my account? Please let me know. I only registered for a 1GB plan (20$/month).
I do not want any additional charges incurred.
Thank you.


@dc153 You should have received another email letting you know you were part of a test where you got data at no charge. You can verify that there was no charge here: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless


Hi @dc153,

It sounds like you were selected for our “Basic Data” test. Did you receive a “Basic Data” E-mail around the middle of October? You can read more about it, including a sample of that E-mail, here:


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