Unsubscribing deceased spouse from RW email announcements

My wife and I became RW customers about 5 years ago. We each subscribed to RW email announcements with our own email addresses.
Sadly, she passed away 3 years ago. Her email acct is forwarded to me, in case anything important requires my attention.
The other day, each of us received an email from RW about Relay. Each email started “Dear -name-”, one with my name, one with her name. The emails did not appear to have an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom.
How can I unsubscribe her from such announcements? She no longer has any use for them.
Thank you.

Hi @erich.vrg63l,

My condolences on the loss of your wife. There is indeed an unsubscribe link in really small print at the very bottom of that email.

are you sure (I’m not seeing a unsubscribe on my email either)
I see links to the Republic main page,Republic Community, the Republic Blogs, my email address (which just opens a new mail message address to me) and a link to the Privacy Policy. there is no unsubscribe

In my option there should be an unsubscribe option after my email address but it’s not there

Hmm, it does seem to be omitted from that specific email. One may, however, use the unsubscribe link from other emails sent by Republic to remove themselves from Republic and/or Relay marketing emails.

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hello @southpawkb you should also look into why there not an unsubscribe option in the email itself (at least it’s not in the email I got {not that I looking to unsubscribe}) see email screen cap here Unsubscribing deceased spouse from RW email announcements

Hi @drm186,

This E-mail was a little different - it was not sent as a promotional E-mail to E-mail subscribers, but as an informational update to all Republic Wireless members about what we believe is a huge milestone for our company and our members. These types of E-mails do not have an unsubscribe option, because if you unsubscribed entirely, we would not be able to reach you for account matters.

I disagree then in how this was classified as this is not needed information account information if one does not care about the Relay it’s SPAM and could very easy mark as such by members (and then all future emails which do effect accounts will also be block as SPAM) In My option this should have been a promotional email with option to unsubscribe

Hi @erich.vrg63l,

I saw your post in the other thread and replied there, and have DM’d you to get the info we need to clean up our E-mail records.

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