Unsuccessful Android 8.1 Update Attempt


Phone: Moto G5 Plus
Plan: My Choice + 3 GB, Includes Data

Issue Description

I’ve twice tried to upgrade the Android OS to 8.0/8.1 based on the on-screen notification, but have received a black-screen Error message and then “Software update unsuccessful - Sorry, there was a problem updating your Moto G5 Plus. No changes were made.”

I tried clearing the cache and rebooting the phone, but neither helped.

I’ve had this phone for six months and have been plagued with slow camera shutter (or image saving), several spontaneous resets over the six months, slow response times – either from the system or apps – and now this.

Please let me know if you’ve seen/read about similar issues and solutions.

Otherwise, knowing this is a ‘budget’ phone, should I jump to a G6, X4, Z, or something else? and let the kid watch his YouTube videos on the G5 Plus?



Hi @jasonf.6vyvx3,

I wouldn’t give up on that phone too easily. Are you on a good, known Wi-FI connection without complicated firewalls when you try to update?

Have you tried contacting Motorola support about the failure to update?


I’m on a solid wifi connection at home, and will try to connect with Motorola. Thanks, from another southpaw.


I have a Moto G5+ and a Moto X4. I like both phones since they are both updated to Android 8.1 and I have no issues. Up here in Cleveland Ohio I never have much problems. You may buy another phone but the G5 is a very stable phone and I would keep it. The X4 I still consider a flagship because it feels and runs like a flagship.


Thanks for the feedback. I’m close to Chicago so wondet if my problems are due to wifi or a wonky phone.


Hi @jasonf.6vyvx3,

Have you been able to successfully download and install the update? Did Motorola have any suggestions for you?



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