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Anyone else unable to do authorization on some sites not accepting input number as “unsupported number” or “not recognized as a valid mobile number” This includes Twitter and a bank site which wouldn’t text me a code for verification. Is this a problem with not recognizing RW? Is there a setting I have to check to allow my number?

Hi @joearrow!

Unfortunately, some websites won’t send a code to your number as they are afraid of possible security issues associated with it being a VOIP or prepaid number (or both). We have definitely seen a trend in the last few years of different companies not allowing VOIP numbers to receive texting codes.

That being said, there really isn’t much you can do to get your number to work with text-based verification methods when they filter out VOIP or prepaid numbers. Your best bet is to try a different two-factor authentication method. You may find these threads helpful: Alternative Bank Authentication Methods and Republic Wireless number not accepted for security verification codes on banking sites and by other services .

Please also see this article: Why Can't I Register My Phone Number with Twitter? – Republic Help .

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So the number was originally Cingular wireless and I ported it to RW. That seems to mean that they are blacklisting RW associated numbers. Zone sites don’t offer alternate two factor verification. This is a definite flaw. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Does Republic Wireless care?

Hi @joearrow!

When you transfer the number to Republic, it get’s reclassified as a different type of number (wireline). The same is true for other VOIP services-not just Republic. You are definitely not the only one. I have experienced the same thing with Wells Fargo. Very annoying.

Definitively, yes! Republic does care about this. However, there isn’t much that they can do at this time. The problem is with the standards that were defined and accepted by the NIST (a standards body here in the US) and then implemented at different institutions. Unfortunately, there’s not much Republic can do about that besides complain. I now that Southpaw has tried to get some institutions to change stuff on the back-end (although I am not sure how successful that has been).

You may find this very recent response from @southpaw, who is a Republic employee, of interest: Republic will LOSE customers if we can't do PHONE VERIFICATION


It only happened with Twitter for me. My solution was to enter a friend’s number and have them text me the verification code. That worked fine. I guess they consider VOIP a landline. This number was originally ported 11 years ago from Cingular to RW. Optimus X lol. I wonder how they know. Anyway that’s the solution for most people to verify. Just thought I’d share that.

I had this issue with a bank and while my main number didn’t work the hidden internal number allowed it through

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