Unsupported phone number with Twitter

Why do I get unsupported phone number with Twitter?

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Hi @Matthew1980

If you’re interested in a workaround, last I tried, Twitter would accept a Google Voice number despite the fact Google Voice numbers are also VoIP.

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I had the same problem, and solved it really simply. Hope this works for you!

I signed up on my computer, not my phone. About 5 minutes after creating a Twitter account with my email only (I skipped the phone number part), my account was locked out for security reasons. I tried to log on, but I was required to enter a phone number first in order to unlock my account. My normal phone number did not work (unsupported number), so I tracked down how to find the ‘hidden’ number that Republic uses for my Moto G6. That seemed to work, but the SMS verification text never arrived. Tried a few times, no luck. Finally I realized there was an option to receive a phone call rather than a text message. I clicked that instead, and immediately got a phone call with an automated code which I entered…and unlocked my account!

For my phone, the hidden number is found by opening up a phone call dialing pad, entering ##4636##. Click on ‘phone information’, second line down is ‘phone number’

Hope that helps!

Its been stated quite a few times on here that the hidden underlying number is not SMS capable. Thus, you can not use that number for anything.

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