Unverified: Nougat for Samsung S7 Edge

See this link for installation instructions:


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Did the update work for you? It isn’t working for me like the article states?

According to the article it’s only been released for the Edge (935U). I’ve got the 930U. I did install the app on my PC but it doesn’t show the screen seen in the article. Do you have the Edge?

I thought you had the Edge. My mistake. I do have the Edge, but not successful.

I have loaded the Samsung Smart Switch application, performed a backup of the device and within about 24 hours I was able to install Nougat from the smart switch software. Here it is in greater detail…

Initially my device didn’t show under the Preferences, Software Update tab. Once I completed the backup of my device using the software it showed SM-G935U (My Phone number). Didn’t appear that it was going to provide me the option to install nougat using the software though. I waited 24 hours, maybe a little longer after my phone was listed under that tab. It prompted me on the application home screen that an update was available. It took about 2 hours for it to download and once it completed the phone rebooted and updated.

Looking online some individuals complained of Wi-Fi not working correctly, but I’m not experiencing that at all. This is just to say, “Be for warned and do your research”. Everything in my opinion is working seamlessly on my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone.

Try the advised solution from republic first…

Didn’t work for me using OTA as advise in this link, but I got the same update using the instructions provided in my previous post.

I never did see the update to my S7 appear in Samsung Smart Switch but I might have just missed it. I did the update directly from the phone and so far Nougat is working just fine.

This morning I made my first test call to the sleeping, unplugged phone and it rang through with the macrodroid app disabled. It’s too early to declare this problem fixed for the S7 under Nougat but it’s a good sign that RW is now able to push call through when the phone has been sleeping for more than an hour.

The phone had been unplugged and connected to WiFi and Bluetooth for 12 hours and still had a 90% charge.

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