Unwanted Calls from Area Code 919



Thanks. I used to do that. It works when you get calls from a certain numbers. It does not work when all calls com from different numbers.


Thank you for your reply.

I have been with RW for 3 years and will not change my phone number (not ported) now. I never answer any calls from the numbers I do not know either. Sure, calls come from all over, but particularly the calls from 919 area stand out in frequency, which my phone started to receiving about 4 months ago and real humans leave messages for someone, no robo calls. Since the area code in my underlying number is 919, it must be natural my phone gets calls from 919 numbers. I wish I could block are codes. Rants over.


@chico.xD Again, if the calls are showing in the log on the Republic website, the calls are NOT coming to your underlying number (which would also explain why changing it has had no impact). These are coming to your main number and have nothing to do with the area code on your underlying number and the calls would be coming to your phone no matter what carrier your number is on.

If they’re asking for a specific person it’s simply possible that person has written your number down somewhere (may have just randomly created a number) in order not to get the calls to their phone.


Thank you all for your replies.

I guess I just have to put up with them. This is a trade-off that you have to cope with to enjoy RW’s inexpensive, yet great service. :smirk:


It’s not just happening to RW subscribers. It’s happening to other services, too. For example, I have Ooma in my home. Ooma employs NoMoRobo, perhaps the best spam call blocking service in available. But, I still get an occasional call from Heather, the notorious Credit Card Services chick. I’d like to shoot her big toe off.


the third party app Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker can block an area code (it can even hangup up on them if they are leaving voice mails )


If it’s people calling to reach the past owner of your or the underlying number it’s usually easy to get them to stop by answering and telling them your not who they are looking for.

When this didn’t work for me I began answering calls from the same people calling me over and over and would babble incoherently. They quickly stopped calling after that surprisingly.


Thanks for helping me understand my issue better. Your theory is highly possible. I only hope it will stop in the near future.


A couple of years ago, I tried keeping a link to a porno video (one with lots of moaning and groaning) on my computer desktop, and when I got a spam call on my phone, I would quickly click the link and hold the phone up to the shelf speakers until they ended the call. It was funny at first. But, I quickly learned that wasn’t such a good idea when they started calling back to hear it again. :loud_sound:


I might try that. Thank you.


That’s funny. I’m female and would not watch those, but what you did is funny.:joy:


For the record, I don’t make a habit of it, either. We make our own fun around here. :wink:


I had a particular collection agency not believe that I was not the person they were trying to reach. I would keep them on the phone for as long as I could…(after work and relaxing) and go through the hoops they requested without success.

Eventually, I would get elevated to a manager or whatnot, and explain to them that I am going to prolong the worthless call for as long as I could, consume as many of their resources as I possibly could, for as long as I could, each and every time they called me.

Never heard from them again. :smiling_imp:


I have been getting these calls from all over (but none from 919 area code?). This also happens on my non-RW land line. I label them “spam” so repeat ones show this way. I don’t answer any that are not in my contact list - they will leave a message if it’s for real. I like this suggestion of turning the ring off. Great idea!!


For the non-RW landline you may want to look into a service such as https://www.nomorobo.com/
It’s free for landlines…and totally “worth” it!


Nomorobo for landlines isn’t an app. I think it would be more accurate to characterize it as a web-based service as opposed to an app. Additionally, the landline in question must support simultaneous ring. Some do, others don’t.


I have a similar problem, not from 919 but a local area code in my area. They’re Robo calling scammers. I can block the number on my Samsung but that doesn’t stop them, since they never use the same number twice.

There are a lot of bad people out there that will do anything to get into your wallet. According to all the email spam/scams I receive I should be a millionaire a million times over now. All the suggestions given will at least keep the wolves at bay.

For me I found it particularly frustrating when I was expecting an important call and it’s some Robo scammer instead.

If they’re legit they will leave a message and if you do answer it, don’t press 1 to get off their list. Many times these scammers use this to confirm that your number is “good” and will call even more.


“You know what Toby, when the son of the deposed king of Nigeria emails you directly, asking for help, you help! His father ran the freaking country! Ok?” - Michael Scott


LOL :star_struck:


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