Unwanted Face Book Notifications on Mote E 2nd Gen


My wife has a Moto E 2nd Gen. She continues to get Facebook notifications that she doesn’t want. She doesn’t know that she has the Facebook App on her phone. I can’t see it anywhere. There is no app folder in settings. It’s quite annoying.


She can go to her Facebook account and turn notifications off there.


It may be a Google chrome feature

Open chrome and tap the 3 vertical dot menu on the upper right of the screen and then tap settings from there go to the site setting and then notifications and turn off Facebook from there


The key to turning off notifications is to really find the source of where they are coming from.

The next time a notification shows up that you don’t want, you can open up the notifications drawer (sliding down from the top of the screen), press and hold the notification. That should open up more options for managing the notification including finding out what app it came from.

You can either go into the app setting to turn off the notification or depending on if the system allows you, you can turn off the ability for the app to show notifications all together.