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i was using Device Help to see features of my new Moto g5Plus. Now the top third of my screen is covered by a teal- colored area which says "Viewing full screen / TOEX it, swiped own from the top./ Got it. Swiping or taping Got It does not get rid of it. The bottom 2/3 of the screen is my app icons, so I can’t go back. Appreciate your help !


Completely powering off and then powering on removes the message.


The message must’ve somehow gotten stuck. Tapping “Got it” or swiping the message should get rid of it.That’s how it’s supposed to work.


Nothing like solving your own problem! And thanks for coming back and letting us know how you fixed it!

Oh and Happy Cake Day! for your 2 yr anniversary with RW :cake: :+1:

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