Unwanted phone calls since Moto G to g4 why?

I upgraded from a Moto G (1st generation) to a Moto G4, and of course it changed from Sprint to T Mobile. Ever since I am getting phone calls from collection agencies, that are not for me. When I call them to remove my number, they say they

don’t have my number in their system. They call virtually daily using different number, but they are the same company.

I have had the same phone number for 3 years…why? The numbers often disappear from the calling list…how does that happen? So 1, is there a phone record that I can get to prove what I am saying? 2. Is there some way to find out what may be a converted T mobile number that I can give them to make it stop?

Help appreciated.

These calls are coming to your underlying T-Mobile number. You can open a service ticket and ask that the underlying number be changed. You will get a different one hopefully not previously held by a deadbeat.


As @billg has said a service ticket is needed to change the underlying number.

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