Unwanted spam calls

I have received like 16 spam calls in the last 24 hrs with area codes 713, 800, 832, 844, 855.
Are these no longer being blocked? It had not been a problem until now.

Hi @larryo.rcxqyp,

Am I correct in presuming you’ve set up Republic’s spam call blocking as described here:

Presuming I’ve got that right, to the best of my knowledge, the feature is still working as it should. That said, Republic’s spam call blocking does not block all calls from specific area codes. It blocks only those deemed to be spam. Those making unwanted calls are quite capable of disguising their spam calls by spoofing (impersonating) legitimate numbers. It will always be something of a cat and mouse game and some unwanted calls will manage to leak through.

I did have it checked for block spam calls and voice messages.
Any other ideas?

Hi @larryo.rcxqyp,

As mentioned in my initial response, the spammers are good at what they do. No proactive spam blocking will stop all spam calls from leaking through. Generally, the best one can do for those that get through is block them after the fact. More on that:

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But it is an EXTREME onslaught of calls the last 24 hrs…20 different numbers

Hi @larryo.rcxqyp,

We’ve done that which can be done here. It’s entirely possible this will pass of its own accord. If not, please open a help ticket, so that staff might verify spam blocking is working properly.


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