Unwarranted billing changes

I’ve been a Republic customer for probably more than 5 years. Every month, I’ve been billed to the same credit card without fail on the same day of the month, whether weekday or weekend, without fail, like clockwork. This week I purchased two new phones for myself and my spouse. Today, in making a query about my new purchase, I found that my “billing” credit card had been changed automatically and without my request to the credit card that I “chose” to make the purchase of my new purchase. Like most Americans, I have more than one credit card. I also have financial software (Intuit’s Quicken) set up to automatically debit my credit card account on the billing date so I don’t “forget” to record the transaction. When “chatting” to a Republic about my issue and finding this unwelcome alteration to my billing method had been performed, I suggested that the “suits” at Republic be informed of the bad practice of altering billing methods without permission of the payer. I was directed to report my displeasure under “General Discussions”, so here it is. Now let’s see if Republic really does “listen”!!! It would be nice to know someone understood my point of view. --Scotty

I understand your point of view. I’ve had the same thing happen with two other cellular cellular companies. Whenever I bought something from their stores with a different card, it also changed my monthly billing card. I’m used to checking for it now.

Hi @radioman79,

Thanks for your feedback. Were you able to get your account set back to the correct credit card?

I will make sure the “suits” are aware of your remarks. You are not the first member surprised to find the credit card change after a purchase, and I think a checkbox or even simple notice of the change in our online store would be a valuable improvement.

I did change it back to the account I’ve been using for years. Management should ask themselves WHY a singular event such as a purchase warrants changing any long standing procedure. The checkbox, therefore, should ask, “Do you wish to use this credit card to be used for all Republic billings for the future?”


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I agree with you. I’ve found this at several other business as well and now usually remember to check which card is being charged for recurring fees. Thanks for bringing it up to make RW more aware.

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