UP (Upper Peninsula, Michigan) service loss

I’ve had RW for a few years now but with my recent travels, I’m starting to question the validity of my decision. We just got back from camping in the upper peninsula of Michigan and I had absolutely no coverage until we got back into Wisconsin. My two traveling companions both had Verizon service and had coverage in most locations. This definitely needs improvement.

@antonm.sbn8eq Sorry to hear about your coverage woes. The community may be able to help figure out if there’s away to improve what you experienced, but we would need to know more. Specifically to start, what model phone do you have?

Moto G4. Next phone will likely not be a Motorola.

Here are a couple of coverage maps to peruse … click to enlarge

As you have your choice of GSM (T-Mobile) or CDMA (Sprint), you may want to determine which you have … see this Republic Help Article: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help

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I just moved this to ‘Problem Solving’ to give it a bit wider audience, and hopefully fix the problem you reported.

As one who visits the up (eastern half) both republic partners (Sprint and T-Mobile)ndo not have good coverage Verizon is the king up there and AT&T is the next best (I’m always been roaming on Verizon with my CDMA {Sprint} SIM card and roaming on GSM {T-Mobile} can even be more miss than hit)


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