Update and battery life

I finally did the hybrid calling update to simply stop it from constantly popping up and being very annoying. Now that it has been installed something is eating up my battery life quick compared to before the update. Need help with this. Also is it possible to uninstall and update and return phone to previous state prior to the update?

Hi @lesterr.x1l4k0,

It’s unclear to me what you refer to by hybrid calling update. Are you referring to a Republic app update? Or, are you referring to the Nougat update from Motorola for your G4: Moto G (4th Gen.) and Moto G PLUS (4th Gen.) System Update? The latter has nothing to do with hybrid calling.

Regarding what’s using your battery, the easiest way to determine that is by looking at Settings -> Battery. What do you see there under “Use since last full charge”?

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