Update Anywhere Profile Picture on Samsung S8

For the good of the community, I downloaded the Republic Anywhere app on my new Galaxy S8 but was frustrated by the fact that my pic while texting was a Giraffe (the preset profile pic from Samsung). Here is how I updated my pic.

The native Samsung contacts app pic does not transfer to Republic Anywhere. Your Samsung account pic does not transfer either.


  1. I downloaded the Google contacts app, changed the profile pic on it, and viola! The Anywhere app pic updated as well.



Hi @andrewc.ovrltx,

Great tip, thanks for sharing!

I’ve never tried a Samsung phone, so please forgive me for having to ask. Do you contacts’ avatars show up without the Google Contacts app?

That’s the thing. The Samsung contacts app does allow you to change your pic, but that pic DOES NOT show up on Republic Anywhere. It’s not until you update on the Google contacts app that your personal pic shows up. Cheers

Yes, my contact’s Avatars showed up fine, even after I assigned them new ones through the Samsung contacts app. It’s just that my personal pic would not change. Cheers


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