Update E911 Information

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another thread same issue republic portal s down My Account Portal Not Loading

e911 is a back up address if for some reason 911 happens over WiFi the e911 address would show the operator

911 will almost always go over cell (any tower the phone can connect to no mater it’s provider) calling 911 will take a phone out of airplane mode to try and connect to a tower

My wife and I also got this message. When I looked at the domain on the link, it is not RW. I logged into my RW account, but can’t anyway to update E911. Is this a scam.


it a legit email

here a link that should get you to the E911 area

E911 Locations | Republic Wireless

I got the email. I noticed it was from e.republicwireless.com, and I have gotten email addressed that way, but I know that can be faked. The link went to a domain that wasn’t directly republicwireless, but a sub-domain of mkt7853.com. I didn’t want to trust that, so I logged into my account directly, and checked my E911 address.

It might well have been legit, but I’m not going to trust an email sending me to an unknown domain to gather information about me.

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