Update issue Moto 6 play

When my phone was recently updated… The way I closed all the boxes on my phone has changed.
Before I would push the little square at the bottom of the front screen and the pages would come up where I could clear them off. Now I have a little bar on the home screen and I can swipe it to the left which will temporarily remove the box. However if I want to get to the ‘clear all’ screen (where it makes all web pages small and you can swipe them off) somehow I have to swipe up on the little bar which rarely works… When I swipe up on the little bar it brings up all my apps. After trying several million times I am successful and able to get to the clear all screen. Is there an easier way to do this? can I have my little square and circle back?

Hi @darlenem.darb9f

Your phone may have One-Button Navigation turned on. Here’s how to check:

Open the Moto app
Select Features, not Suggestions
Select “Moto Actions”
Is the toggle for “One Button Nav” flipped to the Right or ON position? If so, flip it to the Left or OFF position.


Hooray!!! Thank you!!

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I updated to Pie on Moto G6 and now the one button navigation toggle is missing from Moto Actions. It’s on and I have no way to take it off. Has anyone else encountered this?

@mvictoria621 - did you also update Moto Actions as part of (or after) the Pie upgrade?

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I did update the Moto Actions app.

Hi @mvictoria621 My Moto G6 Play is updated to Pie and I still see One Button Nav. It’s found when I select “Features” as opposed to “Suggestions”. If you select Suggestions, what do you see listed right below “Fast Flashlight”?

Nope, it’s gone. When I select features I only get Moto Key, Moto Voice and Moto display.

My son had it before Pie and had it turned on before I updated. Then he wanted to remove it after we updated and that is why we noticed the toggle disappeared.

I just did a factory reset and the navigation buttons are back on the home screen but the option to turn on and off one button navigation is still gone. They must have removed the option on the G6 with the Pie update.

@mvictoria621 - we have 2 Moto G6’s (not G6 Plays) and can confirm that we do have the one button navigation slider under Moto Actions. Both phones are updated to Android 9.0 Pie. We did not have one button navigation turned on before upgrading (we don’t use it now either).

Here’s a screenshot of the Moto versions on our G6’s. Maybe they will help track down the problem.

Hopefully others will have some ideas too! Please confirm you are talking about a Moto G6 and not a G6Play. The OP was talking about a G6 Play so we should make sure we’re all talking the same phone.

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That matches up exactly with my version of Moto app. I cannot explain why the One button toggle is missing. Nothing in suggestions either.

Here is what is under the features sectionIMG_20190723_212324

Edited to add: I notice that although I have Moto Actions under Systems Apps, it’s hidden and does not display on my file drawer and I access the above from the Moto app instead of Moto Actions. Perhaps this is due to my phone having been purchased through Fi and it being on the Fi software channel rather than retail or Amazon

@mvictoria621 - and what do you show for apps and versions if you press the three dots in upper right>about?

It matches exactly with what you posted. Same versions.

Edited to add that this is a G6. Not a play. But I replied because it seemed like a similar problem in the original post

@mvictoria621 - Just wanted to make sure we were talking the same phone. Didn’t want to send you on a wild goose chase by talking two different phones. The Community manager can split this off in it’s own thread if we have hijacked this thread and gone too far off topic :relaxed:

Software Channels RETUS (Retail USA), FI (Google Fi), and AMZ (Amazon) are compatible with the RW systems. I assume the phone was (is) working on RW before Pie update so don’t think Fi is an issue. That said, their are other Ambassadors and Experts in this Community that can answer that with more authority than I can.

Hopefully others can jump in and help out.

The Fi channel shouldn’t have anything to do with this. I’ve checked a G6 we bought from Fi and is currently active on Fi, and the option is there. The fact that the Moto Actions app appears to be disabled caught my eye.

@mvictoria621 If you go to Settings – Apps and then after the list populates hit the three dot menu on the top right and select the “Show System Apps” choice, when you scroll down can you find Moto Actions there? If so, when you click in to it is one of the buttons there “Enable” or “Update”?

Hi, thanks for trying to help me with this.

Yes, I can see Moto Actions under System Apps and it is enabled and updated. Still hidden though. Here is what I see when I open it

There is also an Advanced file on the bottom. I assumed this was a change with the Pie update but now I wonder is my device the only one that lost this feature?

I just noticed that the Moto Actions does show up when I hide system apps but it’s no where to be found when I open up up my app drawer from home page. I only see it when I select Settings-app& notifications- see all apps

Moto Actions are part of the “Moto” App (ie access though the Moto app)

That is what I figured when I first saw only the Moto app was listed in my drawer but why are all my old Moto action options gone now?

When you select permissions on this screen, are there other permissions able to be enabled there?

Under the Moto Actions apps, only permission option is Camera (which is on). Under Moto app, there are a bunch of options that are all on except for Calendar

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