Update my PRL on my Moto Z play?


I can’t find the directions anywhere on how to Update my preferred roaming list(PRL) for my Moto Z Play. I can find it for the older models but not the Moto Z. Help please.


the Moto Z play (1st Gen) is a GSM phone and GSM do’t have a PRL (this is a CDMA technology thing)


As @drm186 points out there is no PRL to update for the Moto Z. What is the underlying issue that you are trying to solve, or were you trying to update it as matter of routine?


I’ve been getting this annoying problem where if drop coverage(have no service) and I go to were I know i can get a good LTE signal the phone still won’t connect to it until I turn airplane mode on and off. Then it usually connects. If I don’t cycle airplane mode it doesn’t ever connect. It happens often when I enter my house(where I don’t get a signal) and then leave and have to cycle airplane mode to get a signal again.


I’m guessing that this is a “feature” of the phone, itself, and that there is little you can do, other than re-engineering the phone’s architecture. Every Moto phone I’ve owned since being a RW subscriber has had problems with some calls going directly to voicemail when I’m on wi-fi, even when I’m sitting next to my router. I’ve never been able to determine with any degree of certainty if it is a router issue or a phone issue. But, it occurred with two different routers and four different Moto phones. So, I suspect the phones.


I’m sorry, I haven’t experienced this issue on my GSM provisioned phones…maybe more informed minds can chime in about possible solutions, otherwise I recommend submitting a help ticket. My brief web search revealed that one person was able to remedy this situation with the use of new SIM card.


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