Update on iPhone Beta Testing?

Can you please provide a current update on the iPhone beta testing for the community?

I am sure there are those like myself (not a part of the beta) that would like to know how things are going.

Hopfully everything is going well and Republic will offer iPhones on the platform some day in the future.


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Hi @zachs.2w0xms,

I understand you’re likely looking for a response from staff, which most of us here (myself included) are not. I am, however, a participant in Republic’s iPhone beta.

For me, testing has been smooth, so far. I’ve yet to run into any show stopping bugs (not saying anyone else has either just not speaking for them). That which is advertised to work is indeed working for me.

The above said, Republic has yet to provide any indication of whether and when iPhone support might be made generally available.

Are you able to see this: iPhone Beta - Member Community? If so, you’ll note it’s pretty quiet there, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to a beta as folks are less likely to mention things being uneventful. Non-beta participants aren’t able to post there, however, you might follow along.


Hi @zachs.2w0xms, thanks for asking!

I am the product manager for the iPhone BETA program, receiving feedback both from our members and our employees. Like @rolandh said above, feedback has been relatively quiet - we’ve discovered 2 bugs: one related to the ability to use short-code messages, and the other related to some workflow breakage. Both of these are relatively simple to resolve, and we have teams working on them already. At this point, we do still plan to make iPhone generally available, and in the meantime will likely add more participants to the closed BETA.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and we thank you for your interest!


I am concerned that pursuing iPhone for the “iPhone or nothing” crowd will further slow the release of new android options, which frankly, seem a bit show. Does anyone in the republic team have assurance that the iPhone testing won’t further crater Android model releases?

Hi @tamu_bu, thanks for weighing in!

Though I am a bit biased (being the product manager for the iPhone BETA program), my viewpoint is no, our pursuit of iPhone will not further slow the release of Android devices.

To expand on that a little: every company must juggle competing priorities with the resources available to make that “to-do list” a reality. Some priorities are in direct competition with others, some slightly overlap, and some are totally silo-ed. Fortunately for us, iPhone and Android fall somewhere between “slight overlap” and “totally silo-ed.”

iPhone and Android share a good bit of foundational service architecture (so one change would apply to both). And in the areas that they deviate, we have different teams (the iPhone app and Android app are developed by different teams, for example), or level of internal effort is not the same (we don’t carry iPhone hardware currently so that allows full allocation of hardware acquisition to be focused on Android).

Excellent question! I hope I provided a full answer, and please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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