Update RW App without going through Google

I am wondering if this is now possible?

2.5 years ago in 2017 it seemed to be not possible:

ANSWER: still not possible as of January 2020

The methods for downloading our apps are described here:

For the Republic Wireless 3.0 app, the only official source of the app is the Google Play Store.

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The notification on my phone says is available.

Then you are using the 2.0 app rather, which is also available only in the Play Store. You’re also several versions behind. The latest version is

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I’ve had my RW phone for years and have never ever updated the RW app, ever.

All that can be said is this is a bad idea. I know you indicated not being on Google but assuming this is for privacy reasons, you’re doing yourself a big disservice. One of the things the Play Store does is update your apps. These fixes often include bugs and known security issues. Not updating them means you’re running around with all the known holes to be exploited. Those that would exploit those holes are far bigger threats than Google is. You’d be better off with a flip phone on another carrier than an unpatched Android phone on Republic.

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Your privacy is in a lot more danger with an unpatched phone than anything that Google could dream up.

example please ?

Here are the Android security bulletins for your leisure reading: https://source.android.com/security/bulletin/

no example?

I believe I’ve bowed out in the other conversation, and I’m not doing your work for you. There are HUNDREDS of examples at the page I linked.

then it shouldn’t be hard for you to pick just one

All for now. I’ve update my top post with the answer.

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