(Update: Suspension LIFTED) Republic Wireless fulfillment operations (online store) temporarily suspended

Update: Our fulfillment center has resumed operations. Our online store resumes taking orders.

The shelter-in-place order affecting our fulfillment center excluded certain industries and services, including warehouse operations. Our fulfillment center has resumed normal operations for now. Our online store orders and Help Center replacement requests will resume tonight.

Due to a COVID-19 shelter-in-place order impacting our fulfillment center, we have temporarily suspended our fulfillment operations.

We have been closely monitoring the developments across the nation and have contingency plans in place to minimize the impact that these changes will have on our members. While we transition from our normal operating procedures to those plans, we are temporarily unable to accept orders through our online store or complete replacement requests.

What this means to you:

We’re currently unable to accept orders through our online store

If you are in need of a phone or Republic Wireless SIM card we encourage you to shop other online retailers including Amazon. We have an Amazon link available for the Moto G7, and will be adding other Amazon phone and SIM card bundles as well.

If you are unsure whether a phone you are considering is compatible with our service, please take a look at How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone and feel free to ask questions there. Our Community will be glad to help you find what you need.

We’re currently unable to fulfill replacement requests

If you have an issue with your phone that our Help Team determines would be covered under the phone manufacturer’s warranty, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer directly for a warranty replacement.
If our Help Team determines a replacement through Republic Wireless is needed, our normal replacement timeline will be extended to accommodate this fulfillment suspension.

We are fulfilling orders placed before the suspension went into effect

Orders placed before fulfillment was suspended will be processed and shipped according to our normal fulfillment and shipping timelines.

Our Help Team is not impacted

Our Help Center is not located with our fulfillment center. Help Team agents are working remotely to continue to provide the assistance you need.

Republic Wireless mobile phone service is not impacted

Republic Wireless service, including calling, texting, and data access are not impacted by this temporary suspension.

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I’ve updated the above topic with news this evening (8:45 p.m. ET) that our fulfillment center has returned to normal operations (with additional health and safety procedures) for now.

Inventory is being restored in our online store at this time so we can resume taking orders.

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