Update: Voice Calls Only notification with outbound call failure "tones" and inbound messaging delays



We are seeing a number of reports from members experiencing a notification of “Voice calls only, something may be blocking access to the Republic Wireless Network.”

If you are seeing this notification it means that something is preventing the phone from communicating with our servers. This notification is intended to alert you so that you can take corrective action. It is important not to let this notification be confused with the cause.

We are investigating a specific scenario that results in this message, and we have an update on that scenario. You may be experiencing this issue if all of the following apply:

  • Your phone is on Android 7 (Nougat)
  • You see the “Voice calls only, something may be blocking access to the Republic Network” notification.
  • When you attempt to make a call, you observe the following:
    ** You hear a series of three tones, repeated twice then the call goes through
    ** You see no indication on the call screen that phone is “Calling via Republic Network” nor “Calling via the Cellular network” Instead the space on the call screen above your call recipient’s identity is blank.
    ** The party you are calling sees a number that is not your phone number on their caller ID.
  • Inbound calls are received normally
  • If you are using an app other than Republic Anywhere, inbound text messages fail to arrive until you send a text message.
  • Rebooting the phone clears this state and normal operation of the phone resumes.

We have identified a root cause for this scenario, and are addressing it on three levels.

First: Communicate to members affected by this issue that rebooting the phone clears the state and will allow you to resume normal use of the phone.

Second: Implement, test, and deploy a workaround. This is a temporary solution in the app to manage and alleviate the issue on affected phones. Because the issue is not reproducible on demand the testing phase may not be a quick as we would hope, but rest assured, our engineers are diligently working to bring this workaround to our members.

Third: Implement, test, and deploy a permanent solution. Because the issue is related to a process involving a third-party app, the permanent solution involves collaboration with that third party. We are in contact with their developers and will continue to engage with them toward a permanent solution.

If your “Voice Calls Only” notification is accompanied by the set of circumstances described above, and if you’d like to be notified when we publish a corrective update to the app, either follow this topic for updates, or open a ticket describing your issue and asking that it be attached to master ticket 1420416 for updates. Please note: We typically do not update to simply say “We’re still working on it.” Instead we update when progress is complete.

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What is the third party app? Is it something we can live without???


Hi @clayton4c,

I’m afraid if it were that easy, we would just advise removal of the app. :crying_cat_face:


Thank you! Kinda figured, just hoping for an easy answer… I am glad it is being worked on though. It is frustrating to keep telling my wife to check her notification and force quit the republic app to keep everything working smoothly.


Has this been resolved? I am paying for phone service that I can use intermittently at best.


Hi @adyancey,

Our engineers are continuing to work on resolving this matter, but it is not yet resolved. Is the issue impacting your ability to call or text multiple times a day?


Yes it is.


I notice @jben is troubleshooting with you in another thread where you replied. I’ll keep an eye on that rather than trying to have the conversation in two places.


This is an incredibly convenient time to have this issue with all phones on our account; we’re ready to purchase two new phones for upgrade but instead I think we’ll just drop Republic Wireless all together.


Hi @adamj,

Thanks for your feedback. This specific issue is affecting only phones on Nougat, so it seems not all of your phones should be impacted by the specific issue outlined above. If you’re seeing another issue with the “Voice Calls Only” notification we’d be glad to troubleshoot with you.


I have a question. Why not just roll back to an older version of the app while they fix the bug?


Hi @goldenmind108,

Usually, unless you have access to intermediate versions of an app, you can’t roll back to a previous version, your choices are either to uninstall the app (if it can be uninstalled) or roll it back to the original version if it cannot.

Our engineers have been able to define the state that the phone is getting into and see what it is about that state that is causing an interruption of text message delivery and outbound calls to behave strangely. Armed with that knowledge, they’ve made some changes in the Republic app to temporarily work around the issue by changing how the RW app behaves when that state is identified. This is a solution that will give our members some relief from most of the calling and texting issues identified above. The version of the RW app with these changes was added to the Google Play store late this evening and is going to roll out to our members methodically over the next week so we can monitor it closely.


Thank you for the update!!
Can you tell us what the version number of the RW app with the temp fix is?


See Republic Wireless App Update: Version for the release info


I do see this message but have a Moto Z2 Play, My Choice Plan with Oreo update. I cannot do outgoing voice calls when connected to WiFi, have to drop WiFi off then I can dial out over cellular. All other features work fine, mail, text and incoming calls while on WiFi. I also have a Moto G 1st Gen here at home that is working just fine with WiFi. Would this update also be available for my phone?


The same update will be available to all our My Choice members, but if it’s not the same issue, it may not solve what you’re seeing.

Once you have the update installed, please let us know if the inability to call out on Wi-Fi persists.


To check on your WiFi to see if it may be the cause of not being able to call out, it might be a good thing to check out and perform at least Quick Check #1 in Router Tweaks


I’ve been experiencing this recently. Thank you for the info! I submitted a ticket and asked to be informed when the corrective update is available.



This is feedback in the hope that it helps fix the problem. Thanks for your notice that you are working on it. We have two Moto X Pure phones running Android 7… My wife has had the two tone problem for a while (maybe 3 or 4 months, maybe longer). Her phone number is■■■■(if you want to look up the ticket). Republic sent her a CDMA SIM card in response to the problem. It seemed to help for a little while, but the problem came back after a few weeks. Mine had only started in the last month. We are both on CDMA, though my wife’s phone was on TMobile when the problem started. A phone reboot usually fixes it. I have rebooted the router a few times, but I’m not sure whether that helped or not. Hope this is helpful


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