Updated FCC mobile LTE coverage map

Thought you all might be interested in this.

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I should add that this was aggregated from providers, not from FCC testing or crowdsourcing. I can attest to holes in its accuracy…I am in a 100% dead zone, yet all carriers indicate coverage.

As they say, YMMV…caveat emptor.

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My understanding is that there will be a process to “challenge” the maps. I foresee pretty significant difficulties with this process. For instance, does the phone you’re using have B71? If not, perhaps the coverage where you are is all B71 and so there is coverage, but your phone can’t access it. How do you account for the literally hundreds or thousands of phone models out there and their capabilties. And that doesn’t even include people who buy on Amazon or eBay and get foreign versions of the phones with LTE bands that don’t match the US versions…

I’ve already found one error…me!

I might ad that since all the fires around me All the cell phone company have taken a beating for towers an equipment.

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