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After having the Moto E 2nd Gen for the last three years, it is struggling to function. The phone dies although the battery is at 78%. There is no space to update. It is becoming increasingly slow. Unfortunately, it appears that I will need to buy a new phone.

I do NOT desire to have a Big phone, nor one with all the latest bells and whistles. I am less than thrilled that I will have to give up my Refund Plan, as it has benefitted me well.

Any recommendations on a phone that would be a good transition for me.

Will there be any new phones released soon?

Thanks! Amy

We know the Moto G7 Power and G7 Play are coming soon phones. We don’t know when exactly, although Motorola said “Spring”. In addition, the Moto G7 and LG K30 are both very recent adds to the lineup.

Based on your requirements, I would give the K30 a good look if you have coverage in your area on this map: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless (The K30 has different coverage than your E2).

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I appreciate your response. Coverage looks good for the K30. Curious as to why you are recommending that over the Moto phones. My husband and children (all RW users) have Moto phones.

Also, on the Comparison Chart, RW gives the Samsung Galaxy J3 a higher rating than the Moto E5 Play, although they seem to have very similar specs. What am I missing?

Any of those phones are probably about an equal choice. I haven’t tried the latest J3, but I thought some of the prior year versions were a little laggy. You may want to see some of the specs here that include overall size, as part of the decision: Detailed Supported Phone Features

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One last thing… My husband says he would rather pay more money for a phone that will last. I am not one to get the latest upgrade and I do like to make my things last. Is there any truth that paying more for a phone could increase it’s longevity?

Is there any other reason to consider a more expensive Moto than the Moto E4 Play?

Thanks for your patience!

Also, I’m reading that the Moto E5 Play will not receive the latest Android update. Is that true?? Will that eventually handicap me?

as I stated in another thread budget phone trend not to get the major updates (new version of Android) but just security updates for about a year if that.
this has been the case for the Moto E line, Huawei Ascend 5W, the Acatel A30, LG K30, and the Samsung J series
it cost the OEMs money to build the newversion of the OS and they do not factor in this cost in to the base sale price of budget phones (Mid-line Phones like the Moto G line or the Samsung A series do get 1 major update and Flagship phones like the Moto X and Moto Z lines, Samsung S and Note series, and the Google Pixels do trend to see 2 major updates and with Google there a change of more)

Personally I find as long as the OS is only 3 Major releases behind most apps will still supported and basic functions will work find. budget phone in my option should be replace at a maximum of 3-4 year from their release

It is hard to complain about a 32GB Moto X4 for $150 in my opinion. You can update it to Android PIE and February 2019 security updates right out of the box. You will have to buy a R.W. SIM card kit, but that is not too much.

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Any recommendations of where to buy? Is it fairly easy to update right out of the box if you are not a techie? Thanks for this!! This sounds more like what I am looking for…

Unless it is huge…

You can get it directly from RW (and they include the SIM card).
You can get it from Amazon Prime but you have to order a R.W. SIM kit.
You can get it from B&H Photo (Moto X4 XT1900-1 32GB Android ONE version) must order a R.W. sim kit.
I think the Moto X4 XT1900-1 with Android ONE from B&H will work with the R.W. Service.
May need to get verification from someone in the know though!
This link has some extra information:

RW has it listed for $349, but you said it could be purchased for $150…

Is the one on Amazon definitely compatible with RW? Is there anyone who can confirm this? Thanks!!!

Specifically, is THIS phone compatible with RW? Thanks everyone!!

Amazon sells multiple variants of the X4. Several but not all are compatible. The following linked X4s at Amazon are compatible with Republic:

The needed SIM is also available at Amazon:

By today’s standards the X4 isn’t a particularly large phone, however, it’s screen will be noticeably larger than your E2. I think you’ll find you’ll get used to that and grow to appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Additionally, and without bogging you down with too much technical detail, the coverage on an X4 sourced elsewhere is different than that on your E2. Different doesn’t mean worse. Generally, the alternate coverage is equivalent. For some (myself included), it’s better. For a few it can be worse. I mention this not to scare you away from acquiring the X4 elsewhere but rather to point out that should you find coverage on the X4 to be not as good as on your E2, please reach out to Republic. If needed, the same coverage as on your E2 can be had on an X4 sourced elsewhere as described here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.



Is there any difference between the one bought through RW and the one bought on Amazon and SIM card added?

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Hi @amya.obv72d,

I purchased the Android One X4 64GB a couple of weeks ago and like it a lot. Coming from a X Pure the reduced size is a better fit for my pockets.

If you purchase the standard version in the links below it will be identical to what RW sells. Amazon has the 32GB in black and the 64gb in sterling blue. RW has a better selection of standard version color/GB combinations. Amazon also has the Prime version with a few different features and $10 less for the 32GB.

The one you linked will also work, it’s the Android One variant which has fewer preloaded apps and features.

Found this case that provides good protection with a deeper than most recess for the camera bump and not too bulky. Red makes the phone easy to find and also available in blue or black.


Thanks for your detailed response! Very appreciated!! Is the Alexa app on every Moto x4? I do NOT want Alexa…

This is the one I have chosen. It does not seem to be clear if it has the Alexa app…

Also, I am wanting this phone to last as long as possible. I don’t typically use lots of apps or play games. I’m hoping to get at least two OS updates out of it. Will 32GB be sufficient?

Thanks again to everyone for your help!

It is not. There is a specific “Prime Exclusive” version of the phone that has Alexa pre-installed. Neither the “regular” version nor the “Android One” version have Alexa installed.

Honestly, I wouldn’t count on any additional updates to the X4 past Pie. It was released with Nougat and has now gotten both Oreo and Pie. I think that’s the end of the road for major updates. Likely will get security updates for another year and then pfft. That doesn’t mean it is useless past that point, not at all, but you should be aware.

one of the reasons it’s at this price is that it’s now about a 18 month (1.5 year) old phone that Motorola is starting to phase out of production

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